Latest Arm – Building around the components

30 May

Made some changes to the overall shape to incorporate the actual wrist and elbow components.  Focused on reducing material, while maintaining a very structural appearance.



Shape refinement

4 Apr

In order to achieve the desired flex, material was removed on the underside of the arm.



Prosthetic Arm Update

14 Mar

Rayeski Arm 03132013 4Rayeski-Arm-03132013-2Rayeski Arm Concept Sketches 3

The latest version of my prosthetic arm concept. Soon to be prototyped in carbon fiber and tested.

Desk Featured on Industrial Design Served

15 Sep

Greenwood Bike Rack

2 Sep

The bike racks have been sold out and installed.

Also featured on Industrial Design Served

School desk inspired

14 Jul

This idea is a contemporary interpretation of the  classic school desk for the home.  With cord management and a small storage area for a wireless keyboard and mouse, it creates a clean surface   in much the same a school desk would.  The materials are laminated wood, extruded chrome steel legs and  base.

zeroarm renders Murdered Out

24 May

Using lower extremety prosthetics as inspiration, this is a concept that would utilize a flexible blade of carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase shock absorbtion.  See development sketches in my sketch section. There is still much work to be done, but this is a good start.  Have to work out the texture issues in Hypershot for these renders.

The “Murdered Out” zero arm features anodized black titanium components for a blacked out look.