OtterBox Venture Coolers

29 Jan

Just getting around to posting. Happy to continue hearing positive feedback and getting to see this project come to life!

Thanks for the great article back in the beginning moments of launching these products Gear Junkie.

And Digital Trends Outdoor Awards 2017 “Best gear for unwinding”


Photo by OtterBox

Photo by Jon Rayeski

Photo by Jon Rayeski

It’s alive!

29 Jan

So the amazing team at Quorum Prosthetics took the Markforge 3D print that I had made with infused carbon and laminated it with carbon fiber weave using a vacuum bag. This idea was inspired by a coworker who did a presentation on surfboard design (foam inner with a fiberglass shell) When he presented that, I had this really cool 3D print that was strong, but I didn’t think it was strong enough to withstand the forces of mountain biking. The timing was perfect, so now it’s time to test.


Latest Arm – Building around the components

30 May

Made some changes to the overall shape to incorporate the actual wrist and elbow components.  Focused on reducing material, while maintaining a very structural appearance.


Shape refinement

4 Apr

In order to achieve the desired flex, material was removed on the underside of the arm.



Prosthetic Arm Update

14 Mar

Rayeski Arm 03132013 4Rayeski-Arm-03132013-2Rayeski Arm Concept Sketches 3

The latest version of my prosthetic arm concept. Soon to be prototyped in carbon fiber and tested.

Desk Featured on Industrial Design Served

15 Sep

Greenwood Bike Rack

2 Sep

The bike racks have been sold out and installed.

Also featured on Industrial Design Served