It’s alive!

29 Jan

So the amazing team at Quorum Prosthetics took the Markforge 3D print that I had made with infused carbon and laminated it with carbon fiber weave using a vacuum bag. This idea was inspired by a coworker who did a presentation on surfboard design (foam inner with a fiberglass shell) When he presented that, I had this really cool 3D print that was strong, but I didn’t think it was strong enough to withstand the forces of mountain biking. The timing was perfect, so now it’s time to test.

One Response to “It’s alive!”

  1. William Canto 02/02/2018 at 9:40 pm #

    Amazing Jon, congratulations it’s a great job I recommend add a camara body in the design, hahaha hugs for you and Gina I love you friends!!!!

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